Vision Sheets

IceWeb Solutions In has developed a vision sheet that is sent to the client before the first meeting. The client answers, as best possible, 15 short questions about the project they have in mind. These answers help us, as designers, get a better understanding of what the client sees as the final product, as well as what they expect from its distribution.

One of the questions asked is, “What colours were you thinking of?” We then listed some colours and what they suggest.

  • Blue – authority, dignity, faithfulness & security
  • Brown – affluence & effectiveness
  • Gray – authority, creativity & practicality
  • Green – freedom, health & tranquility
  • Orange – ambition, excitement & pleasure
  • Pink – femininity, innocence & well-being
  • Purple – sophistication, spirituality & wealth
  • Red – aggressiveness, excitement & strength
  • Yellow – happiness, warmth & sunshine
  • White – devotion, purity and truthfulness.

Got a design project in mind? Need help focusing on what it is you need?

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