Clarity Home Inspections

Clarity Home Inspection Bisiness Card

The Card IWS grated for the client

Company: Clarity Home Inspections

Client: Gary

QTY: 2000 business cards

Scope: To fix what is wrong with the business card (Card below).

What IceWeb Solutions Did!:
The issues, notice the house of the logo is broken in several ploaces, there is no chimney on the house (granted some houses do not have fire places, but in an icon it can be expected). The key icon is a car key not a house key. (but some will argue on that). and the logo text felt a little wimpy (for a lack of a better word)

This Card was a fun project… A home inspector can help you in finding everything that is or is not wrong with your prospective new home. A new home is a big investment, last thing you want is to find out after you get the house that you need to spend another $50,ooo is updating the electrical.

So this is what IceWeb Solutions did. We filled in the holes/cracks/breaks in the house. Made the Logo Text, Stronger, Taller and Prouder looking. The client wanted to ad a splash of red with a Maple Leaf to show His company was Canadian. That was the fun part… We had applied 1/2 a red maple leaf to the side of the house. (This made the house look like it was on fire, not exactly what we were looking for)
The House Key, we used a skeleton key which we felt better represented a house key and used it as a background image to the card, giving it some depth, since we only had Black on White card as colours to use.

a few weeks after the client started using the cards he found that he was getting more clients, that he ordered more Cards for each Home Inspector he had on staff. And then asked us to do another card for his other business which was in the Foundation restoration business.

Origional Business Card of Clarity Home Inspection.

The business card presented to IWS.