Coldwell Banker – Peter Friez

Peter Friesz business card

The business card IWS gave Peter

Company: Coldwell Banker

Client: Peter Friez

QTY: 1000 business cards

Scope: Brand himself.

What IceWeb Solutions Did!:
What the client was looking for was to make himself stand out in the crowd of Coldwell Banker Reps. Peter wanted something that would make people remember him. but staying with in the corporate rules of the time. IWS had no choice but to use the corporate blue black and white as the pallet of colours. Only exception was if we used a Photo, it could be in colour.

The old Coldwell Banker called

The Card that Peter came to us with

So we took a good look at what was currently available. The card he was currently (featured here). Very Plain Jane… just like every one else at Coldwell Banker Sales Rep.

After 3 concepts, 4 revision rounds we gave him the final card. (at the top)