Epicure Selections

Epicure Selection Business Card

What ISW created for Epicure Selection Rep.

Company: Epicure Selections

Client: Stephanie Schan

QTY: 1000 business cards

Scope: Fix the Card Issue, people not taking me serious.

What IceWeb Solutions Did!:
Issues with the card that we saw right off the bat.

  1. The card was printed off on her colour inkjet
  2. On perforated business card stock. (this alone turns prospects off 9/10 times).
  3. Then there was a disconnect between the business card and the ordering magazine.
the card in question

The business card that was given to us to fix

So IWS combined the content from her business card and the look and feel of the ordering magazine.

Client was happy and let us know that here orders were increasing and people were taking her seriously as a Rep of Epicure Selections.