ORTI Fashion Design

ORTI Fashion Design back side of card

The back side of the card

ORTI Fashion Design

The Card IWS created for ORTI Fashion Design

Company: ORTI Fashion Design

Client: ORTI Fashion Design

QTY: 1000 business cards

Scope: Re-Branding.

What IceWeb Solutions Did!:
When we received the business card from Orti fashion we had to question it… What kind of fashion? And that is why they came to us… they needed better cards and logo. The original cards were printed at Staples. And They were not impressed with what they got… But at as a start-up they new they really needed to rethink there first impression.

So IWS worked with the client and came up with a logo that showed fabric and a hand drawn font. And also showed the client how to utilize the back side of the card for additional information.

The origonal card presented

The Business card we were presented with.