Hosting Service

In the beginning when we built websites, the client would need to go and get their domain name and hosting on their own. We tried to find economical services for them but few places offered any hope.

As web designers and programmers we took it upon ourselves to find a cost effective solution. We now run virtual servers off site, and have direct access to the servers, no more 3rd party access. and thus we are able to offer hosting for $89.99/year. Servers use Cpanel as the Human-Computer interface, letting you have access to a wide range of software to run your website.

Just because we have the best price in town, does not mean every one can have an account with us, unlike others Hosts who have automated, instant set-up. We have found that having an automated sign-up system is not always a good thing, Because spammers and hackers use Automated Hosts to create havoc on their systems and create problem for there hosted clients. IceWeb Solutions has gone the other way, and communicates with the new client to find out exactly what they are looking for in a package.

Before you get a hosting account with IceWeb Solutions,  we check you out as a potential client. I will be very honest with you, just because you want the best deal in town does not mean that we want your business. We have a very tight ship and want to make sure you and your business expand using the internet. Letting shady people on the server just brings everyone’s experience down. Reliable service means we take a proactive approach to what you want to do with this hosting, what kind of site you will be installing, what it is your business does. We want to see if you are a perfect fit for us to do business.