Client: Chi Machine Canada
Year: 2006-Present
Type: Information and links to E-Commerce
Size: 100 webpages, Plus Clones
Designer: Christopher Koster — IceWeb Solutions Inc.
Hosted: with IWS since 2006


Chi Machine Canada has been a long time Client of mine. The client wanted not only a new look, but also wants to get into the market of using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace…etc. The client also wants to make sure that it is assessable from the greatest number of people as possible. This Client is in Fredericton, NB, so we communicate with Skype when needed, as Skype is a better way to communicate effectively as well as having No Long Distance Calls between us.


1.1 Information Gathering – Collecting the information from various sources
1.2 Manage requests for updates to the sites in a timely manner, this may include converting content from one source to another, (MS word files to CMS/html, PowerPoint to PDF…etc)
1.3 Providing support when the client has questions or needs clarification on the technical issues.
1.4 Creating/Editing graphics when needed.
1.5 Review own work and the work of others for completeness and accuracy.
1.6 Maintain, Monitor and produce reports on progress of work through tracking spreadsheets
1.7 Attend meetings as required, via Skype or phone calls
1.8 Implementation of updates to the CMS system and Plug-ins as needed.

Additional Info:

Complex GravityForms on these pages:
— collects information and based on answers gives you, it will give you the next question

You can view how some of these sites that have been customized:


Opening Page

Products Page

Lanquage Page

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