Client: A. Patrick Murphy
Year: 2007-Present
Type: Information
Size: 16 webpages
Designer: Christopher Koster — IceWeb Solutions Inc.
Jr.Designer: Matthew Koster — IceWeb Solutions Inc.


This client came to us with his logo, demographics of his client and a USB with pages of content. He wanted a clean, straight forward, easy to navigate, website for an aging Population.

We gave him back a website with larger than normal text website, easy navigation, Print function that strips all the eye candy. This site is perfect for the customers that the client is looking for. The website is updated once a year as content/wording changes over time.


Main Page

A form to fill out and submit for review
A form to fill out and submit for review.

Print Icon
When Clicking the Print Icon, a new window opens without all the website navigation.

PDF with elements from website
PDF with elements from website.