Client: Phi Kappa Pi Fraternity Inc.
Year: 2002 and 2011
Type: Information for Public, Password protected area for Brothers
Size: 18 webpages, public facing
2011 Version – Unknown,
2002 Christopher Koster – ChrisDesign
Hosted: with IWS since 2011


In 2002 Christopher Koster worked on the website… The client wanted to update the website from it 1997 version which was at the time (2002) outdated, in both looks and coding.

After consulting with National Council of Phi Kappa Pi Fraternity Inc. He produced a 12 page information website about this National Fraternity. In 2011 the website underwent an update which then produced a simple 18 page website (Designer unknown other than it was a brother of the Fraternity), but the advancement was that a Secure Area was also created so that the Fraternity could communicate more efficiently. Sharing ideas, paperwork and files. Having a central location for all important file has increased productivity. Also in 2011 they moved to IceWeb Solutions Inc. for hosting… In the near future IceWeb Solutions is looking to propose a new Updated version…

Samples 2011:

Phi Kappa Pi 2011 welcome page

Phi Kappa Pi 2011 Chapters Page

Phi Kappa Pi 2011 History Page

Samples 2002:

Phi Kappa Pi 2002 site map

Phi Kappa Pi 2002 message to parents